Big Ass Kid Eats @ Fishbone’s Rhythm Kitchen Cafe – Detroit

Fishbones Detroit Sign-August 2012

When I’m in Detroit I always stop by Fishbone’s for food and drinks. Fishbone’s Rhythm Kitchen Café is a New Orleans inspired restaurant that serves seafood, steaks, sushi and more. Fishbone’s doors have been opened in Downtown Detroit since 1989. Now I first got hip to Fishbone’s about 5 years ago when I was in town visiting my brother from another Big Greg “Buckienaked” I stayed at the adjoining hotel called The Atheneum and it’s been on ever since…So here is my routine EVERY time I stop in! First I always sit at the bar and order a Corona and a shot of Hennessy…

Hennessy-Corona Bottle-Fishbones-Detroit-Bar-August-2012

Now you guys know their is nothing better than a ice cold beer and a shot of your favorite liquor before eating some good food right? Well Fishbone’s has a very extensive menu but I only order one thing and one thing only…

Fishbones Alligator Voodoo-Detroit- August 2012

ALLIGATOR VOODOO!!!! Which is farm raised alligator bites, deep fried with a side sauce that is pretty much the best thing I have ever tasted! No lie…If no one was watching me I could drink a full glass of this sauce! Hands down the best alligator I have ever had and it makes the gator at Pappadeaux taste like a bad kids meal. Ok so the routine to follow when you go to Fishbone’s is:

1st sit at the bar

2nd order your favorite drink

3rd order the gator and…

Fishbones Alligator Voodoo-2-August 2012

You guessed it! Repeat steps 2 and 3…So next time your in Detroit you need to head on over to Fishbone’s for the drinks and gator!

2 fingers…

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