Big Ass Kid & Crew @ The 2nd Annual “Buck’s Badass Bash” Bakersfield OTR – Cincinnati


It was Cinco De Mayo weekend and me and the crew wanted to get out and celebrate. I love drinking holidays like this, it gives you a chance to hang out and do something different for a change. We decided to head to my favorite Mexican spot in the Nati “Bakersfield OTR” they were having their 2nd annual “Bucks Badass Bash” so Tequila shots, PBR boots and Margarita’s it was…


I brought out the whole crew with me including Professional Boxer Aaron Pryor Jr. (The son of the hall of fame boxing and Cincinnati legend Aaron “The Hawk” Pryor) also had Professional MMA fighter Josh Snow along with a couple of city workers and local media members and a crazy Puerto Rican to help translate this one for us…


The service and drinks at the bar are always on-point that’s why I like Bakersfield they get it. We had a blast as you can see…


Drinks were flowing, Tacos were rocking straight Big Ass Kid style! Plain with cheese…


And I was mixing up the Margarita’s…

Big-Ass-Kid-Dj Skillz-Mixing-Margiritas-Cinco-De-Mayo-BakersfieldOTR-2013

Life was good and oh yea they had a party outside with hundreds of people but we made our own party inside first…


We met up with this funny Peruvian who had a great sense of humor as you can see…Everybody was mad cool that we ran into…We also brought the breathalyzer to the party…don’t ask lol…


Once again the food, drinks and service was great as ALWAYS, the only thing that was a problem was the hostess…We gave her our name to put on the list for a table for 10 easy right? She said it would be about a 1hr and half wait…cool no worries that’s nothing but after 3 hours and no table that was a problem! Then she acted like we were bothering her when we came back 2 hours later and asked what was up. She passed us more than 10 times and never said a word to us and we had the biggest party in the building. But one of the managers on duty did buy us a round of Tequila shots which was a nice gesture not expected at all. Then we went back up to her 40 mins after that and she pretty much said it’s not gonna happen. Were like WTF? She by far has the worst personality as a hostess I’ve ever seen in my life! Yes we were all pissed and aggravated at this chick…Look here is the seating list with no party of 10 on it…C’mon Man!!!!


Of course I blurred out everyone’s name and number but as you can see no double digits on that wait list. We all left out of there with a bad taste in our mouths I was super pissed and tipsy and I said something to her! I was either right or wrong but I had to say something because she was trippin…When you spend a lot of money in a place all you can do is hope to be respected. We was NOT causing any trouble to my knowledge we were all just frustrated with the hostess and after drinking for 4 hours that’s a lot of frustration…So with that being said hopefully my face is not posted up by the door on the banned list because I love this place…after 4 hours of partying and drinking half the crew decided to go outside and check out “Bucks Badass Bash” next door in the parking lot and spend some money for a good cause…Proceeds went to OTR Community Housing…and this party was jumping!


$5 Donation to get in and $5 tickets for food and drinks with different bands and dj’s on the line-up…


They even had the movies playing on the side of the building. The who’s who of the city was mos def in the building. I saw so many people that I haven’t seen in a while…This was a GREAT event that I look forward to attending next year…If I’m not banned smh!


After partying outside I went back into the bar to grab the rest of the crew that was left and they were sitting down at a table finally lmao…What a day! I do not in any way want to discourage anyone from going to Bakersfield at all this place ROCKS! I love this place and talk about this place so much you would think I was a brand ambassador for them lol…We just had a bad run in with the hostess…Shit happens!



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