Summer Jamz Weekend – Detroit


It was that time of the year for another trip to the D to hang out with my brother from another Big Greg “Buckinaked” during “Summer Jamz” weekend…So after work I jumped on a flight and headed to Detroit…


First stop after landing at DTW was to the Westin to check in. I pretty much stay here 99% of the time whenever I’m in town, never a bad stay…So I checked in and headed downstairs to the bar inside the “Roast”…

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Mister Cartoon Tattoo Session In L.A.


It was that time again to head back to L.A. for another tattoo session with the homie Mister Cartoon…


It felt good to be back in L.A. to get some more ink, my last trip was May 2012 and it’s always good to see the homie Toon$…He’s good peoples and the best at what he does…

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Big Ass Kid Eats @ Cafe Habana – NYC


I landed at LGA around 8:30am so first thing first I needed to eat breakfast so I headed over to Cafe Habana to try this Cuban spot…


Last time I ate at a Cuban restaurant was in Miami last December I had Steak and Eggs with the Cafe Con Leche so that’s what I was looking for here…

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Big Ass Kid Eats @ Taste Of Belgium – Cincinnati


I remember going to the barber shop and asking what’s up with this Taste Of Belgium spot on the corner. Everyone in the shop (Incredible Creations) said that this spot was official so I decided to try it! I was hanging with my foodie partner in crime Mini Trini we sat down and checked out the menu. I knew it was all about the Chicken and Waffle for me….


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Big Ass Kid Eats @ John’s Pizzeria – Times Square NYC


Next time you’re in New York walking around Times Square looking for good pizza please do yourself a favor and hit up John’s Pizzeria. John’s is my favorite spot in the area and a must stop whenever I’m in NY. John’s opened this location in 1997 in what was once the Gospel Tabernacle Church. Don’t expect to order a slice here John’s is strictly about the pie “No Slices” will be coming out of the brick ovens in this tourist joint. But what does come out of the ovens is heavenly…


The perfect blend of sauce and fresh mozzarella with a great thin crispy crust which has just that lil char we all look for in a great pie…

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Big Ass Kid Eats @ Holy Chuck – Toronto


During my last foodie trip to Toronto we ran into Holy Chuck which is located right outside the St. Clair East TTC at Yonge…


The menu was crazy as you can see, lots of options for a burger. I went with the signature “The Holy Chuck” minus the onions you know big ass kid style…

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Foodie Vacation In Toronto, Canada

CVG-YYZ-Cincinnati-Toronto-Paasport-Retro 4-Jordans-Boarding Pass

It was vacation time again and after weeks of figuring out were to go it was time to take off…The plan was fly to Toronto hook up with my partner in crime Mini Trini and head to Barbados, sounds like an easy plan right? Lol but there was only one problem with that…

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Big Ass Kid Eats @ J. Alexander’s – Cincinnati


So Mother’s Day came around and I had this big plan to take my mother to Ruth’s Chris for lunch so I made reservations at 1pm on that Sunday at The Banks but just one big ass problem! The Reds were in town and yea the game started at 1pm which meant not a parking spot anywhere downtown so after wasting time and gas looking for a place to park we decided to head over to J. Alexander’s. We pulled up and they had a 20 minute wait which wasn’t bad at all for Mother’s Day but we decided to skip the wait and eat in the bar area…

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Big Ass Kid Eats @ Terry’s Turf Club – Cincinnati


Ok so it’s Mother’s Day Weekend and I was hanging out with my Moms and we decided to search for the best cheeseburger in Cincinnati. Now between, Urbanspoon, Yelp and Foodie Blogs we pretty much narrowed our choice down to Terry’s Turf Club. So we pulled up to see what the hype was all about…

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Big Ass Kid Eats @ Fishbone’s Rhythm Kitchen Cafe – Detroit

Fishbones Detroit Sign-August 2012

When I’m in Detroit I always stop by Fishbone’s for food and drinks. Fishbone’s Rhythm Kitchen Café is a New Orleans inspired restaurant that serves seafood, steaks, sushi and more. Fishbone’s doors have been opened in Downtown Detroit since 1989. Now I first got hip to Fishbone’s about 5 years ago when I was in town visiting my brother from another Big Greg “Buckienaked” I stayed at the adjoining hotel called The Atheneum and it’s been on ever since…So here is my routine EVERY time I stop in! First I always sit at the bar and order a Corona and a shot of Hennessy…

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Big Ass Kid Eats @ Doughnut Plant – NYC [Chelsea]

Donut Plant-Sign-Chelsea

Doughnuts are essential for every Big Ass Kid like myself and if your looking for the best I found them at Doughnut Plant in New York City. I saw a few blogs talking about this spot and a lot of foodies said that I couldn’t go wrong there so I decided to hop the subway to the Chelsea location and see what it was all about…

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Big Ass Kid & Crew @ The 2nd Annual “Buck’s Badass Bash” Bakersfield OTR – Cincinnati


It was Cinco De Mayo weekend and me and the crew wanted to get out and celebrate. I love drinking holidays like this, it gives you a chance to hang out and do something different for a change. We decided to head to my favorite Mexican spot in the Nati “Bakersfield OTR” they were having their 2nd annual “Bucks Badass Bash” so Tequila shots, PBR boots and Margarita’s it was…

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